The 10 most beautiful wedding locations for the civil wedding

Many couples want a great wedding location so that they don’t just say yes in the town hall. The civil wedding is a very special day in life, which can also take place in an unusual setting: in the great outdoors, on the high seas, in a museum, in a zoo, in a grotto, in a castle, on a plane.

The trend towards outdoor weddings, outside the bare town hall walls, is also being picked up by the city administrations themselves, which are increasingly offering the bride and groom several locations to choose from for civil weddings or the registration of a community.If you also want a cool wedding location for your civil marriage, here are a few ideas.

The classic: a wedding in the castle
Most of the country’s castles and residences are happy to open their gates for a civil wedding. Here is a small selection.

Civil ceremony outdoors
In most registry offices, an outdoor wedding is also possible, but the registry office usually charges a surcharge for an outside wedding, which can be very different depending on the wedding location. Just ask your citizen service which fees apply for the wedding location and the civil wedding.

Church wedding without a church
That is also possible: You can really get married in the open air. With a church wedding (depending on the pastor) even more locations are possible because it is not an official act, but a divine blessing – and you can get it in principle everywhere: Hissing heaven and earth in a hot air balloon, at a motorcycle service , the mountain mass, but also a ship wedding, a rock church service and much more.

Get married in the Botanical Garden
For flower lovers, of course, nothing beats a civil wedding in a green oasis – off to the next (or most beautiful) botanical garden!

Mountain wedding
A civil wedding at lofty heights with an absolutely breathtaking panorama! In winter, the lifts are open if you want to ski down after saying yes to the guests (Aunt Trude and Grandma can take the Zugspitzbahn!)

Island wedding
It’s hard to believe: There are over 100 sea, sea and river islands in Germany. If you want to get married on the beach, you don’t have to fly to the Caribbean. Most island registry offices offer not only the historical wedding rooms (e.g. in the lighthouse or the local history museum) but also a wedding on the beach or on the ship. Here is just a small selection of the German wedding islands:

A zoo wedding
Weddings between predators and parrots, in the elephant house, in the monkey house, in the Chinese palace, in the dolphinarium … is then celebrated in the Tiergarten restaurant. Just inquire at your zoo. The following cities have long been offering zoo weddings:

Bridal couples who love to travel may secretly dream of a wedding by the sea, under palm trees or going crazy in Las Vegas. Why not ? Then you will be on your honeymoon before the wedding! But be careful: The lightning ceremony in the Wedding-Chapel is not immediately recognized in Germany. You must have a certified copy of the marriage certificate made on site. In any case, inquire beforehand which offices you have to take care of. In addition, check Wedding venues in Germany.

Dare to be in a cave
Never heard of it being possible to get married in a cave? You’re not alone in this, it sounds crazy, but it’s true: some stalactite caves are now so well set up for weddings that there is an extra wedding hall down below. A marriage vows in front of an impressive natural backdrop underground is therefore possible.

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