Scholarships in China! Chongqing University CSC Scholarship

On the off chance that you are attempting to discover a completely financed Chongqing college CSC grant then this post can assist you with applying on the web and present your records to Chongqing University for a Chinese government grant (CSC grant).

Most likely, Chongqing University is currently among four top Chinese urban communities having a huge populace and this is the Chinese college having practically top rankings in each field.

Chongqing University welcomes all worldwide understudies to send their archived specifics for admission to the school of global instruction Chongqing college expressing that you focus on a completely subsidized CSC grant to help your MS or Ph.D. degree in China.

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Chongqing University CSC Scholarship Information and Eligibility

Like all other ‘more than’ 3,000 Chinese colleges, CSC researchers will be given comparative advantage status during their stay at Chongqing University for one or the other MS or Ph.D. programs educated in Chinese or English.

Here is the slug rundown of advantages Chongqing college will gracefully to CSC champs:

CGS-UPSP CSC grant champs in Chongqing college will be qualified for get a month to month payment of RMB 3000 on the off chance that you are an expert certificate understudy and RMB 3500 if Ph.D. will be your significant degree in Chongqing Institute

Chinese grant committee bears your schooling costs like educational expense in the event that you are granted Chongqing college CSC grant

CSC victors of Chongqing college are not needed to pay for convenience

Disaster protection inclusion by Chongqing college is given for nothing

Global understudies having an acceptable status of their wellbeing with the brilliant scholastic record with or without IELTS are qualified to send their applications for CSC grant.

Competitors applying for Chongqing college CSC grant please remember that their age must not surpass 35 years as though their point is to read Master program and for a Ph.D. your age to be 39 years or less.

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Chongqing University CSC Scholarship – Application Process

For practically all colleges in China, the methodology for CSC Scholarship is very much the equivalent yet here in Chongqing University, you folks are needed to submit one unique arrangement of your authenticated doc’s and their two further duplicates are likewise mentioned by the school of global training Chongqing.

There is a gateway that China grant chamber made to acknowledge online structures so please start your online CSC application for Chongqing college CSC grant and office number of Chongqing University is 10611

Visit any legal official who has power to punch validation stamps on your most extensive level and records so to submit for Chinese grant at Chongqing University

Your advantage to contemplate a degree program at Chongqing college can be considered for CSC grant in the event that you present a truly pleasant Research Plan comprised of more than 800 words. Examine Research plan or study proposition test here

Chongqing college request its CSC grant candidates to submit two unique Recommendation letters along application doc’s set

As a substitute of IELTS test score, a candidate of CSC grant can submit English Proficiency Certificate

As expressed above Chongqing college is profoundly worried about the wellbeing status of its CSC grant champs so they require your structure to get tried at any close by government emergency clinic. At that point download this Foreigner Physical Examination Form for CSC grant and request that the specialist sign on it (On your image and in the remarks region of the structure) and join it to your doc’s set

Bundle three arrangements of reports to Chongqing college before cutoff time

Number.174, Shazhengjie, District Shapingba, Chongqing, Post Code: 400044, China

School of International training, affirmation office, Chongqing University

Call Chongqing University: 86-23-65111001

Email Chongqing University: [email protected]

Official Chongqing college CSC grant notice to be shown here

Branches of Chongqing University

Projects Offered by Chongqing University and Faculty list

School of Electrical Chongqing University

Force and warm designing sciences Chongqing college workforce

Mechanical designing Chongqing University

Business organization and financial matters focal point of Chongqing University

Chongqing college’s Computer Institute

Correspondence designing and school of data at Chongqing University

Measurements and Math division of Chongqing University

News coverage focus in the Chongqing University

Life sciences school

Biomedical designing office site of Chongqing uni

Chongqing college Civil designing staff

Programming designing innovation staff rundown of Chongqing University

Natural designing site of Chongqing University

Material designing and science site page Chongqing Institute

Material science focus of Chongqing foundation

The most effective method to apply:

In the event that you are intrigued to apply for the Chongqing University CSC Scholarship at that point Click on the Official Website to check the Deadline.

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