Getting married on the beach: beautiful destinations

The wedding is known to be the most beautiful day in life. But you don’t have to spend this in a church or a rented hall. Instead, more and more couples are choosing to say yes in a dreamlike setting by the sea , with sand underfoot, the wind in their hair and the sun on their heads.

Be it on the German North Sea islands or on the Cook Islands : If you dream of getting married on the beach, there are numerous different options open to you. Nevertheless, a wedding abroad also brings with it one or the other challenge.

So that you can make the best possible decision and no questions remain unanswered, we have put together the most beautiful destinations for getting married on the beach as well as helpful information.

Organizational matters related to the wedding on the beach
Whatever you choose: Saying yes in the open air on the beach has some special features for the organization . So what do you have to pay attention to – especially at a wedding abroad?

The wedding on distant beaches needs to be organized just like any other long-distance trip. That means you have to take care of questions like booking flights, insurance, finances, passports.
Apart from that, the wedding must be planned on site. There are two options: Either you organize this on your own , which could be difficult, especially because of the distance and possible language barriers. Or you can put the wedding planning in the hands of a special tour operator . He takes on various services – depending on your request up to full service , in which the wedding, the location, the cake, the photographer and everything else is organized, which should not be missing in a successful wedding.
It is important at every wedding that good photos are taken. Don’t forget to pick it up in good time before your return trip – mostly in digital form – and prepare it at home accordingly . Especially those friends and relatives who could not be at the wedding due to the distance, ultimately want impressions and you certainly don’t want to do without the pictures as a memento. You can therefore design it as a card to be sent or arrange the best photos into a collage to hang them on the wall and remind you of the dream wedding on the beach every day.
Find out in advance whether the marriage ceremony abroad is recognized by the German registry office and, if so, which documents you need for it. However, many couples opt for a free wedding and would like to celebrate the civil wedding in their own country with family and friends. Otherwise, you have to reckon with many visits to the authorities and the time-consuming application of various permits – which are more or less easy to get depending on the country in which the wedding is to take place.
Finally, you need a plan B if you have an open-air wedding, because especially in Germany the weather is often inconsistent and even in the summer months it can happen that the wedding literally falls into the water due to a downpour. In distant countries you should also find out about the local climate.
Where you finally want to say yes, with or without family, in Germany or abroad, just the wedding or in combination with the honeymoon – the wedding couple must decide all of these questions for themselves. Nowadays there are many options for that dream beach wedding, tons of breathtaking destinations and luckily the bureaucracy is getting easier.

Another tip: a beach wedding will get windy and sandy. The outfit as well as the hairstyle, decoration etc. should therefore be adapted to the “outdoor conditions”. Then nothing stands in the way of saying yes by the sea!

The most beautiful places for a wedding on the beach
Sealing mutual love on a dreamy beach sounds like the most romantic moment of their lives to many couples. You want a wedding away from closed rooms and the altar in the church. Both in Germany and internationally you have a large selection of beaches , which are perfect locations for getting married.

1. Sankt Peter-Ording, North Sea, Germany
Some couples deliberately want to enjoy their beach wedding togetherness. Most of those willing to get married would like to share this special day with their families and friends. In addition, the formalities for a wedding in Germany are much easier than when you travel abroad for this purpose. So there are two good reasons to say yes to your local beaches.

A popular destination for getting married is Sank Peter-Ording on the German North Sea coast. In the tranquil North Friesland you will find a fine sandy beach, which extends parallel to the dike for twelve kilometers. Marked by the tides, it is important to take this into account when planning your wedding so that you do not suddenly stand in front of the wedding speaker at low tide or be surprised by the high tide.

You then prefer to enjoy it in one of the tranquil restaurants built on stilts with a wonderful view over the vastness of the North Sea and an almost Mediterranean climate in the summer months.

2. Ruegen Island, Baltic Sea, Germany
The beautiful Rügen in the Baltic Sea is nicknamed “Wedding Island” for a reason . Here you can enter into a marriage bond not only on the yellow sandy beaches, but also in other places if you wish:

in lighthouses
at the king’s chair
on different piers
A popular place to go is, for example, the Sellin pier , which was built in 1906.

In addition to its beautiful location with a fascinating view over the sea and the bridge house, which shines in stylish lighting at night , it is above all the on-site ambience that makes the Sellin Bridge so special. Here you can end the most beautiful day of your life with a colorful sunset and get married in a location that is hard to beat in terms of romance.

3. Baltic seaside resorts, Baltic Sea, Germany
Nevertheless, there are numerous other places on the German Baltic Sea that are perfect for a wedding on the beach. These include primarily three of the most beautiful Baltic seaside resorts

Depending on your wishes, you can then spend your honeymoon with your chosen one in the luxurious Grand Hotel Heiligendamm – in the wedding suite, which is located in the tower and offers a unique view over the beach.

In Warnemünde, on the other hand, you will find a powder-white sandy beach, which will make all your dreams of a wedding by the sea come true. Many couples decide to have a wedding in the old Warnemünder Vogtei or around the pier jutting out into the sea. The lighthouse rises not far away and serves as a backdrop for perfect wedding photos before, during or after the wedding.

The Ostseebad Boltenhagen is also a popular contact point for wedding couples, who can say yes here directly on the beach section of the Weißen Wiek . In addition to a free wedding, the marriage is also possible in the beautiful registry office of the Groß Schwansee Castle or in Kalkhorst Castle.

4. Usedom, Baltic Sea, Germany
In addition to the island of Rügen, the small Usedom is also becoming increasingly popular as a wedding location. In the Koserower Salzhütte you will find the smallest registry office in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with a definitely unique ambience.

In a small circle you can enter the port of marriage, thematically matching the fishing nets in “Uns Fischer’s work hut”. There is only room for five people in the small registry office. The perfect place for a small marriage or just togetherness.

5. Santa Barbara, Pacific, USA
Sunny Santa Barabara in the western United States is not just a popular honeymoon destination. Instead, many couples want to use the trip across California to say yes on the dream beaches. It doesn’t always have to be Las Vegas, instead the beach with the melodious name ” Butterfly Beach ” enchants with its imposing sandstone cliffs, the white sand and the thundering waves of the sea.

Here you can plan your wedding ceremony directly on the beach and then celebrate the most beautiful day of your life at Hendry’s Beach with a breathtaking sunset.

In any case, you hardly have to worry about bad weather in Santa Barbara. The beach is considered the perfect wedding location and the ideal starting point for an unforgettable honeymoon on the US mainland or the not too distant volcanic islands of Hawaii. Check also if you want: beautiful wedding locations for civil courts.

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