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Chinese Government Scholarship AUN-Program is for understudies, instructors and specialists structure ASEAN University Network (AUN) nations to read for nothing in China. The program expects to increment shared participation and comprehension between the ASEAN countries and the People’s Republic of China, especially through improved instructive bonds by methods for supporting the investigations of understudies and researchers from ASEAN countries.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has set up a few grant programs to energize understudies from far off nations to concentrate in China. These Chinese Scholarship programs are administered by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the CSC is accountable for the enlistment cycle, all things considered.

Supporting Programs by Chinese Government Scholarship AUN:

The Chinese government grant – AUN program is a full grant program that solitary backers the instruction of understudies from ASEAN countries holding an alumni or more serious level.

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Term of Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program

The Chinese government grant – AUN program supports an understudy reading for his/her Master’s certificate for a limit of three scholastic years and an understudy reading for his/her Doctorate for a limit of four scholarly years.

Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program Scholarship Coverage

The Chinese government grant – AUN program is a completely financed Chinese grant. This implies that a grant holder will appreciate a total waiver of educational expenses. Plus, convenience charges will either be postponed or financed. On the off chance that convenience is given inside the host college grounds, free quarters convenience will be given while on the off chance that a grant understudy is obliged off grounds, at that point he/she will get an appropriation on the lease for the convenience. The full grant holder will likewise get a month to month payment and be thoroughly covered under a clinical protection conspire for the length of the grant.

Chinese Universities with CSC Scholarships Subjectwise

Where and When to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program?

A wannabe to the Chinese government grant – AUN program needs to present his/her application to the AUN Secretariat. The cycle of acknowledgment of uses to the Chinese government grant – AUN program begins some place toward the start of January and proceeds until the start of April. The specific dates for every year can be gotten from the AUN Secretariat.

Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program Eligibility

The accompanying specifications must be met all together for an understudy to be qualified to get a grant under the Chinese government grant – AUN program:

A candidate needs to have citizenship to one of the ASEAN countries, viz., Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.

The candidate needs to demonstrate that he/she is healthy.

Age necessities: For Master’s projects – under 35 years old;

For Doctorate programs – under 40 years old.

Instructive necessities: For Master’s projects a candidate must hold a Bachelor’s certificate and for the Doctorate programs a candidate must hold a Master’s certificate.

Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program Application Process

An understudy expecting to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program can continue in the accompanying way to apply for the equivalent.

Present an application at the AUN Secretariat mentioning an occasion to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship. Just candidates suggested by the AUN Secretariat will be considered for this Chinese grant. Applications sent legitimately to the CSC or some other types of utilization won’t be thought of.

When the dispatch experts in the nation of origin endorse an understudy’s qualification for the Chinese grant program, he/she ought to present an application to the Chinese University where he/she needs to seek after a course of study to get the Pre-affirmation Letter. The Pre-affirmation Letter is anything but an obligatory necessity. Competitors making sure about the grant and holding the Pre-confirmation Letter of a specific college will be put in similar college while those fruitful up-and-comers who have not acquired the Pre-affirmation Letter should acknowledge the college situation gave to them by the CSC.

Top off the Chinese Government Scholarship online application structure totally and submit it. Likewise, print out a printed version of the equivalent. For the directions on the best way to top off the structure and for the Agency Number an understudy can contact the AUN .

Before the cutoff time draws near, present all the fundamental archives at the AUN Secretariat of the nation of origin.

Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program Application Documents Requirement

The records that go with an understudy’s application for the Chinese Government Scholarship AUN Program must be submitted in copy. All records must be attached together in the request referenced underneath. Two arrangements of archives must be submitted. No report will be returned once submitted.

A printed copy of the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form that was submitted online in Chinese/English as it were.

An authenticated duplicate of the most elevated instructive capability testament held by the candidate. Understudies yet to get their declarations/degrees/confirmations ought to present an official letter from the instructive foundation that he/she is tried out expressing his/her present status as an understudy and the plausible graduation date. Archives that are given in dialects other than English or Chinese must be joined by a legally approved Chinese or English interpretation.

All significant scholarly records. Records that are neither in Chinese or English must be joined by a legally approved interpretation in Chinese or English.

A record of in any event 800 words containing the examination timetable or exploration plan that an understudy would embrace once enlisted written in one or the other English or Chinese. A manual for composing a Study plan for CSC Scholarship is enthusiastically suggested.

Understudies wishing to apply to the alumni or post-graduate projects need to submit Two Letters of Recommendation composed either in Chinese or English marked either by a teacher or by a partner educator.

A Physical Exam Form for Foreigners must be filled in by a doctor in the wake of looking at the candidate in the nation of origin. All assessments rattled off in the structure must be directed and the outcomes appropriately filled in the structure by the doctor in participation. Structures discovered fragmented, without the mark of the doctor in participation, without the clinic’s legitimate stamp, or without a stepped photo of the candidate will be invalid. Competitors should design the timetable of their actual test remembering that the filled in structure has a legitimacy time of a half year as it were.

A duplicate of the Pre-affirmation Letter if a candidate has gotten it from his/her University.

A substantial duplicate of the HSK Certificate if the candidate is in control of it.

TOEFL or IELTS or English Proficiency Certificate

Chinese Government Scholarship AUN program Results and affirmation

The utilizations of the competitors prescribed by the AUN Secretariat to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) are handled in the accompanying way before the grant recipients’ names are announced.

The applications got by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) are initially investigated to guarantee that the candidates are qualified and appropriately qualified to get the grant. Deficient applications and applications not meeting the qualification models will be dismissed.

Applications passing examination will at that point be considered for positions at various colleges by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The CSC maintains all authority to change a candidate’s host college, course of study, time of the grant, and upheld classes based on elements, for example, the shifted grant necessities of various nations, the limit of the host college, the term of the course of study, the measures of the candidate, etc.

When a candidate’s arrangement has been affirmed at a specific Chinese college, he/she will get the China Scholarship Council (CSC’s) endorsement to get the Chinese Government Scholarship. A candidate may be qualified for get each grant in turn.

When the grants have been granted, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) will survey positions, support a List of Scholarship Recipients and dispatch the important records for a possibility to be admitted to a course of study to the AUN This cycle is generally finished before the 31st of July consistently. The fundamental reports for confirmation incorporate the List of Scholarship Recipients and a Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201). These will be dispatched to the effective applicants by the AUN Secretariat.

Recipients of the grant can’t, on their appearance in China to go to classes, demand for an adjustment in their course of study, have college, or time of study as specified in their Letters of Admission.

In the event that the recipient of the grant can’t enroll to get the grant before the cutoff time for enlistment terminates, the grant won’t be saved for him/her.

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